School Violence

School Shootings are rarely impulsive acts. Prior to most school shootings other students knew the shooting was going to occur but failed to notify an adult.

Despite prompt law enforcement responses, most acts of school violence were stopped by means other than law enforcement intervention. We offer extensive training solutions to help keep your school secure:

Training Modules

  • Intruder Drills
  • Active Shooter Response
  • Intruder Drill Oversight
  • Crisis Planning and Response
  • Surviving Violent Encounters
  • Threat Recognition and Assessment Training
  • Avoiding Complacency
  • Active Shooter for Law Enforcement
  • Active Shooter for First Responders
  • Managing a Critical Situation
  • Recognizing Drugs that Impair
  • Training Documentation and Maintenance

Service Modules

  • Site Security Assessments
  • Employee Threat Assessments
  • First Responder Assessments
  • Risk Assessment
  • Technology Assessments, Specifications, and oversight
  • Intruder Alarm and Mass Notification Systems
  • Investigative Support
  • Emergency Operations Plan Assessment and Design
  • Staff Surveys
  • Crisis Mapping
  • Color Coding
  • Evacuation Planning
  • Shelter Locations
  • Crisis Management (Staging, Command, Safe Areas, etc.)
  • First Responder Coordination and Training Review and Oversight
  • Policy Review and Recommendations
  • Coordinated Pre-event Response Plans with Emergency Management
  • Media Release and Consultation Support
  • Immediate Response Upon Critical Incident
  • Complacency Support
  • Post Event Coordination
  • Civil Liability Consultation and Support
  • Site Security Management
  • Pre-Construction Design Consultation

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