This seminar will explore the global history of active shooters and what society has learned from these events. We will discuss the mental instability of active shooters and the relationship of that mindset to the survival mentality of the victims involved. Interactive training will aid in understanding limitations and abilities of participants. A discussion of mental and physical preparedness will assist the attendee in preparing for an active shooter event; while comprehending the affects of stress on our bodies and minds.

  • Suggested audience: Employees, Supervisors, Management, Public


This interactive seminar is designed to bring awareness to growing trends of violence in America’s workplaces today. We will discuss current issues facing employers to include internal friction, domestic violence, and armed intruders. Although violence is difficult to predict, the development of a workplace violence and security program is essential in providing a safe and secure environment for employees and corporate assets. Pre-established programs and crisis planning can significantly reduce liability of employers, while significantly improving the response of emergency services.

  • Suggested audience: Human Resource, Employers, Supervisors, and Safety/Security Coordinators


This direct and open discussion of what is occurring during an active shooter event is intended to prepare the audience for survival and functionality during a time of need. Understanding what is occurring is essential to preparing the audience for success during a time of crisis. Mental and physical preparedness techniques for first responders, school faculty, and supervisory personnel will be discussed. An in-depth discussion understanding the immediate need for action to stop the on-going loss of life.

  • Suggested audience: Supervisors, Executives, Teachers, School Administration, School Staff, Medical Personnel, and First Responders


A review of workplace violence situations that have led to active killers in the workplace. This interactive training program is intended provide a foundation for employers and supervisors in understanding the preparation needed to survive an active shooter event within the workplace. The seminar will discuss the need to assess information as it received to prevent escalating violence in the workplace. We will discuss the mindset of active killers and triggering mechanisms that influence their decisions to kill. Survival techniques will be instructed to improve the attendees chances of surviving an active killer situation.

  • Suggested audience: Employers, Supervisors, Employees, Human Resource, Training Coordinators, Safety/Security Coordinators

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